The art of Medicine & computers

the doctor – patient interaction is the key to good healthcare good patient-dr time and early time to definitive care = crucial timing as in any art anything that distracts from this , limits time, adds costs, is unneccessary   silly computer overuse already does this, adding steps, wastes time, gathering irrelevant data, with massive […]


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Medical Committees?

medicine needs to go back to basics and avoid unnecessary – expense, protocols, paperwork and treating numbers. also known as bureaocracy medicine is an art and a science and uses tools of skill and logic We treat patients ALWAYS LOOK AT THE PATIENT and patients and their health are the ultimate judges of our standards. […]

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Perfect ALS? what is it?

a couple if issues here, perfect ALS for who? for the massive PE CA or the hypovolemic CA or hyperkalemic CA SPECIFICITY, we supposedly demand it in studies demand it in ourselves protocols are sometimes crap, they are a rough guide you can’t protocol everything in life protocols are for the average patients but define […]

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