What do you think will be the most important medical discovery in the next 100 years?

back to basics     

critical thinking

focused therapies

recognition and abandonment of inefficient costly and time wasting techniques

recognising that sensitivity and specificity are concepts to be used on symptoms and signs not just tests and research

research where positive patient outcome is the main goal, not financial gain, celebrity,advertising or creating new markets

recognising that fads are many but innovations are rare and stand the test of time

recognising the harmful effect of the propagated business model whose main goal is $$$

recognising that critical thinkers not companies are behind innovations

pioneers look into new areas or address old one with new ideas

recognising that rehashing the same ideas in an area that has been well addressed, with a new gimmicky title though supports the original studies (repeatability is scientific) is not really new or change much

true innovations stand up to criticism and the test of time

taking a new look at conditions that have been neglected or burdened by poor outcomes, that are ripe for innovations,

chronic pain, cancer, medical system errors,strokes,ms, inflammatory bowel disease, early detection and rx of rare conditions,immune diseases, medical training techniques and philosophies


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