Could the concept for fascia illiaca block help pain

I saw a fascia illiaca block being used

it was fascinating, it was good

fascia illiaca block is used for good analgesia in hip fractures

it is simple

easy to do

uses ultrasound in a sensible manner

basicly get patient


go along inguinal ligament roughly about 1/3 way down toward public symphysis

inject appropriate doses of long acting safe anaesthetic

watch fascial layers separate, allowing flow and spread of anaesthetic

this separation of fascial layers may be the key

and not just for acute analgesia

fracture hip/femur good safe analgesia for a few hours cool,

time to fix hip in OT

but could this be used for chronic pain?

with chronic pain there is also chronic scarring

for me scarring = pain

and when things are scarred they are stuck

physios help treat and release scar tissue from the outside

but what if ? drs could do this from the inside

what if we could identify areas of pain and release any tethered fascial layers?

would this reduce the pain and increase movement, ie sort of an aim of analgesia specialists

what to use?

local anaesthetics, appropriate doses,

immediate pain relief but if they separate stuck layers long term effects as well

What about saline?


if  released tethered fascial layers

maybe both acute and long term analgesia and mobility with,

lol, saline

but requires skill, be aware of bleeding, infection and neurovacular bundles to avoid

just a thought

a concept i had that was rekindled by a certain jedi


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