For SB

Ok  so firstly hi Sara
i’m ioannis or john

background med,
firstly saddens me to hear your current situation,
it has to, it’s called ἐμπάθεια in greek or empathy

for me it should be a must have, trait for any Dr
and i’ve had hurdles too, but probably don’t have your strength

but there is probably a reason we connected

but why do i mention this to you, this strength, as you are, as you mentioned

you have your brain, you may have a label, but you communicated to me and that’s what humans do
you are inquisitive and have already started with questions
what can you do ?

you can think
you can write
you can ask questions
you already manage the activities of daily living somehow
and it’s this somehow that may help

you maybe limited but neuroplasticity means your brain will have to make new connections, to adapt

one part of the brain you may be dormant, but to be honest most people use very little of their brain in the first place

the world tends to focus on one part of life now, the economy, money greed, lalala, and it’s very boring

and compared to what you have been through it’s rubbish
it’s the rat race,

you play another game now
you are free of that crap, if you are frugal and you will become so

sure you need some basics
food shelter friends family and fun and entertainment

you already write, so if you like it, write
do what you need , do what you like

you may have issues , do what you can there
do what you can

do you need  5 multi-storey houses, no

you don’t have to think about it
do you need a yacht,no,

do you need a lamborgini, no,

do you need an overly expensive dress, no

you don’t need or even have to think about any of that crap

that people get temporary satisfaction from, it’s a load off

bruce lee

do the necessary,

avoid the unnecessary, and add what is specifically your own

all the masters see this

your brain has to do the same and focus on the areas it can and strengthen them

what can you do?
what can you do?
you can write

what do you like to do?
what makes you smile?, may as well start with that.
what did you do before?

ask better questions? to get better answers.

new answers, new questions, new answers, etc….

“Writes about science and more
the above is not a trait of a boring person, that’s more in line of someone that
works for NASA

your already doing stuff, the smart to boot, stuff, is not an accident it’s neuroplasticity
and you rhymed that too

from your profile, you already have a sense of humour

comedy is always good
do what makes you smile

along the way you will encounter many people who don’t care,

heaps of them,
but the flipside of this – after a while,
they will become obvious,
they’re the ones wasting their life on the economy anyway, with no real life and you don’t have to spend any time with them
and the ones that give a stuff, should be obvious too
try to be civil and indeed try connect and help
but you don’t have time for mediocrity
especially if they show no interest,
in someone that’s fighting bigger challenges than they could imagine
seek the best, be the best you can, help others if you can
see1 do1 teach1 used to be used in medicine
now it’s more of see1, mountains of paperwork, beaurocracy, let the insurance companies get their cut, deal with marketers, wait til the computer reboots or crashes sometimes both, treat some random numbers, lose the patient somewhere in this mess, do1, repeat the waffle o i’m too tired for this…
try get outside,as much as you can, smell some roses, drink coffee,
if not bring them to you
engage your senses
photography great
but for now you are limited by the size of the internet
and you got a bit of exploring to do
o ye and gaming if you can,

there are guys that play with their chin and tongue

and the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, see politicians misuse it
most importantly do what makes you smile
ignore anything i mention, unless it works for you
because with empathy, smiling should be infectious too
all the best, godspeed

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