Positioning & successful intubation


read this Head-Elevated Patient Positioning Decreases Complications of Emergent Tracheal Intubation in the Ward and Intensive Care Unit. Khandelwal N1, Khorsand S, Mitchell SH, Joffe AM.


important for any potentially difficult procedure,
moving fridge,standing on surfboard,lumber punctures,intubation etc



1st step
-> a building is only as strong as it’s foundations



“Overall, at least 1 intubation-related complication occurred in 76 of 336 (22.6%) patients managed in the supine position compared with 18 of 192 (9.3%) patients managed in the back-up head-elevated position” .Khandelwal N et al


pic above airway jedi, Dr Christine Whitten


but this study also indicated how often sub optimal position may occur 336/528 63.6% if indeed the head was truly flat

seen often in sims & exam practise, where’s the head elevation guys?

practise wrong do wrong



elevated head even in sims,face to face, pic airway jedi

Positioning The Head For Intubation

also good to see direct laryngoscopy was used as it’s the actual gold standard
simple,familiar, cheap,*time proven, -used for decades because of these attributes


you can’t easily throw a VL in a pack and go do,

with the laryngoscope you can

interesting article Dr Paul


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