Needs more research


i’d like to see the end of the term Evidence Based Medicine.


i don’t want to hear this term dictated to me
i want to see the evidence and make up my own mind


EBM is gimmicky

It’s like saying science based science
or indeed SuperMedicine a term a marketer would use

It’s either medicine or it not

Our patients are the ultimate judges of our efficacy

All the “evidence” in the world means little if it doesn’t work for them

Another issue i have with the term EBM used in our generation

is that it spits on the work of our teachers, Jonas Salk, Papanicolaou (PAP) and Frances Oldham Kelsey etc(the researcher prevented thalidomide use in the US)

what sort of medicine were they practising if ours is evidence based?

since it’s inception, all sorts of hearsay and bias has been taken as fact under the EBM brand, extrapolated to distant populations regardless of local demographics, ie specificity

even the framingham study,has it’s limitations, great study etc,
the whole world’s cardiovascular risk profile is linked to one study?,_Massachusetts#Demographics

but what i like about cochrane is it looks at all the studies, filters out the infomercials and industry backed ads paraded as research and makes suggestions



and scrutiny

also realise there are grades of evidence
RCT gold standard, ok sort of

most medical training is years of anecdotal evidence cases, that eventually forms something substantial

a patient can give you anecdotal evidence that every time he eats peanuts he gets anaphylaxis, you gonna ignore that?


recognise proforma research

find and use reputable journal
BMJ NEMJ Lancet etc

Insert gimmicky research brand name Hexus hocus pocus blah blah
that tells you nothing about the study

make sure it’s an RCT, people switch off after this

insert bias

look for 15% improvement versus placebo or current cheap Rx

charge 400% more



avoid gimmicky research names
that’s marketing not science

for god’s sake i found a study channeling C3PO


we are supposed to be scientists
we ain’t peddling dishwasher liquid

Also if the study cant come up with a simple coherent study name

How the heck can you rely on them to do a reliable study?



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