How to place an IV?!



old days
RN: patient needs IV > Dr puts in IV

RN: client/consumer needs IV
Dr: well, first we have to organise a committe to see, if there is a concensus amongst our peers, that indeed the patient needs an IV

then I need to make sure that i have updated my accreditation with the appropriate govt dept to place the IV

I have to get the latest “advanced” IV, that has been proven by industry backed studies

After this i have to look up the latest EBM articles on IV placement

then i have to get an ultrasound to confirm the vein i am about to use is indeed a vein

i also have to login to see if this IV will get me the necessary CPD points
then i have to document on the EMR that i intend to place said IV

I then have to look up the appropriate IV protocol before i place the IV

RN: patient no longer needs IV
Dr Why?….


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