The evidence based meme

Floating around the medical scene fairly  recently is the concept of

Evidence based medicine

and that most medical methods currently used are founded on it.

a google search on it evidence based medicine

shows  -About 44,300,000 results

and it even has its own wikipedia  page

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a form of medicine that aims to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well designed and conducted research.

thus it is a bit of a celebrity with many followers

sort of like the facebook version of medicine,

attention seeking, probably not adding anything of note and all the cool kids are using it, because well designed research

but, like many celebrities nowadays is it mostly marketing? is it a meme and how much substance does it have?

disclosure here, i won an research award and got published internationally on my first attempt, but will call out nonsense if i see it

For me the term medicine by itself implies a scientific basis

thus the term “Evidence based medicine” is redundant

Medicine is medicine and a branch of science in its own right

comedians -philosophers of our times often put it best

so the word medicine by itself also implies effectiveness or at least it should

So we must use this evidence based concept heaps in training our doctors? right hmm maybe

think about all the different types of medical education we expose our doctors to

case presentations, morbidity and mortality meetings, simulation studies will form a huge proportion of how doctors are taught and guess what its all anecdotal

you would be scratching your head to find evidence based teaching tools but here is one, literature reviews

so we market the concept of evidence based medicine but rarely use it as a teaching tool

thus essentially reject it despite of what we tell others

funnily enough little brother  anecdotal

shows his face a lot more

in this wiki page it mentions cherry picking and bias but is not cherry picking just another term for specificity a term we doctors actually love

On a different note, think about the  mentors you had and respected in the medical field.

They may have had humour, empathy, coolness under pressure and many more positive traits but one of the main reasons  you respect them is effectiveness.

Guess what?, they were not taught and and did not practise in the “evidence based medicine” era, are you now going to reject your medical idols, Hell no.

How many lives did Georgios Papanicolau save with his pap smear?

6 307 000

and isn’t saved lives and reduced morbidity the best medical evidence on can have

Dont get me wrong, medical research and studies have, are and will always be an intricate part of medicine

Because medicine is a science and research is an integral part of scientific method

but one cannot reject other types of efficacy reviews such as case studies, morbidity  and mortality meetings that we use to gain clinical acumen and modify and enhance our clinical practise

Medicine is a science and is founded by evidence drawn from many different areas, from big picture massive randomised double blind trials to the specific focus of a case review

They are just different ways to view an issue

From big picture to focusing on the small details helps you see a lot

Medicine doesn’t need new marketing gimmicks memes or jingos

Lemon Rx 12 Evidence Based Reasons Why it is a Powerful Medicine The Telemedicine Reporter

Medicine is medicine


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