customer service

firstly decide whether you want to run  as an expert team  focusing on great value products

that your customers want

you do this by listening to them,

or a business

focusing on making money. marketers and your shareholders,

it’s a question on where you choose to focus,

expertise or business

the more happy customers you have

the more there will be a follow on effect in terms of income via referrals and re-purchases

decide who you want to market your products?

happy customers that pay you or marketing teams that take vast sums

the more time you spend on your customers and products the better they will be and they will sell themselves,

you could eliminate your marketing budget completely

marketers sell hype and if you need it, its a mediocre product at best, and that is a problem.

you must decide whether you want to be a resource (expert team) or inconvenience (business),

herds flock to resources and eventually learn to avoid inconveniences,

for the marketer that may read this and is appalled

focus on product research and development,

strengths, areas of improvement, ease of sales, define and improve the value of the product,

be a resource


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