closing the gap on the patient

Modern medicine seems to be distancing itself from the patient

We’re focusing more and more on inanimate objects than we are on people

The more tests, protocols or electronics  the more reliant we become on them

but are they of benefit? and are they actually more effective than the skills we possess

Current scrutiny of modern technology simply reflects societal trends and perceptions

A lot of new methods are being scrutinized as much as the gimmicky and one hit pop stars that society currently produces

to be a success one must produce results and be venerated by his peers,

exactly the process involved in becoming a specialist

The word results indicates repeatability which is a scientific concept

and peers  scrutinise these results

Scrutinise definition, to examine in detail with careful or critical attention.

society no longer values substance but celebrity and prominence

society no longer “examines in detail with careful or critical attention.”

it simply does not test the hypothesis

and to this i say

Why is it so?

society does not care any more and is too distracted to define value

care definition  to be concerned about, have an interest in.

why is it so?

modern technology is worshiped by the masses in a cult like fashion

common tools used include media,promotion, and financial gain

and the veneration often does not come experts in the field after the fact, but from novices,

fans, marketers with an unproven theory

fans lack of experience and marketers are biased because of financial incentives

the concept of consistently producing significant results is one that a scientist must hold dearly and indeed a definition of success in itself

it implies reliability and defined beneficial end points or outcomes

these are hurdles every new medical method must be evaluated for

but are we simply going to accept the theory that a new technology may be beneficial or actually analyse it to see if it is?

society barely recognises this anymore being distracted by confounding factors blind acceptance, marketing and promotion

so i ask, who here is going to do a study

looking for improvements in morbidity, mortality, hospital waiting times or bed block

pre and post the introduction of electronic medical records,

how ordering tests online has led to efficiency and reduced costs

or in what area does mri make an impact

one must’ review new methods in practise

to base things on science

otherwise it’s just



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