re – High-Flow “Nasal Cannula?

dr walker asks

hi Dr Walker, john here, was looking for the actual cost of HFNC

“HFNC systems are more expensive than low-flow systems with an approximate cost of about $2600.”

*long post but can skip to start and end for summary

it seems a bit odd that a simple google search could not find the price in seconds, even on company websites it seems to be “hidden” ………..

it doesn’t surprize me that you got it if you think like this

“In the meantime, we should not let our excitement for new technology cause us to forget that only after critical evaluations can we be sure we are helping, and not hurting, our patients.”

mass excitement = hype – countered by critical thinking

“Not unlike the case with most other new equipment, the *use* of HFNC in the ICU has advanced much faster than the evidence demonstrating its effectiveness

once a marketer has sold his product, hi$ job is done he is not interested if it actually makes a difference unless it affects future sales, he just has to get his foot in the door

“Noninvasive ventilation with CPAP is the standard of care in patients with heart failure and it is not known if HFNC is adequate for this condition”

gold standards should be set by logic and experts in the field

eg >Eric C. Walter, MD, MSc, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

in any new device as you would know-

is there a need?
pros and cons?
costs -$,initial and ongoing maintenance
-time costs, training ,delays to definitive Rx etc

is it simple, intuitive,user friendly, serve a real need,cost effective,safe?

does it have the characteristics of a fad? sudden unexplained prominence,hype,huge expense,unproven in real life

could i make one myself?

at a distance looks like glorified humidifier

with corrugated tubing,
but i would need to check out the high flow part

so cheers for kicking a few tyres and taking HFNC out for a test drive

maybe we should scrutinise medical devices at least at the same level of buying a new car or tyre

gut feeling, may help, time will tell……………


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