Re- Surge in flu this winter

re link

luckily flu vaccine work and we are seeing more cases & higher severity of cases

put flu vaccines in the drinking water as we do with antibiotics so we reduce the number of superviruses

broad spectrum therapies yay

sometimes flu deceased (1500 and 3000/yr) have end organ failure on the actual death certificate

though i’ve never written or seen common flu on a death certificate it must be true because that’s what i hear

luckily its dirt cheap and it’s limited to nearly everyone

“Also, you should know that Tamiflu is expensive. A 5-day course of the drug will cost at least $100.

For those reasons, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that only certain groups should take antivirals, including:

people sick enough to be hospitalized with the flu
those with a severe, complicated, or progressive health problem such as chronic pulmonary disease, including asthma, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, heart disease or a suppressed immune system
children younger than 2
adults 65 or older
pregnant women
people younger than 19 who on long-term aspirin therapy
American Indians or Alaska Natives
those who are morbidly obese (a body-mass index of 40 or higher)
residents of nursing homes and assisted-care facilities”


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