Why throwing money at research may not work

i stumbled across a charity site  describing a very unfortunate situation about some children with a rare and fatal neurological condition

the site was raising money for research

very expensive target $10 000 000

it had a commentary page where people posted support

virtually all the comments were the same variation of ” this is a great cause etc etc”

it occured to me that whilst support is ok,

what these poor children really needed was not money but new ideas about how to tackle or approach this rare illness

the fervour about reaching a monetary target as the goal, was way off target and a waste of time and energy

these poor kids with this rare condition may need rare ideas to treat it as the usual approaches are not working

all these backers were happy and excited they were raising money, which reflects most society anyway,

meanwhile theses unfortunate children’s lives have not changed one iota

hope is nice but without positive outcomes it’s just fantasy and makes no difference

and the point of fantasy is to come up with new concepts to make a difference


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