Why legalese is probably illegal

you have seen it heaps as terms of service where companies dictate the rules


they can dictate whatever they want , the law is the bottom line                                     

and the law often mentions reasonable

it may make sense to a lawyer but,

if the general public does not consider it reasonable, or considers it intentionally deceptive that hides facts, in a wall of text, how legal is it?                                                                                                                                                                                               

if a group of people don’t consider it reasonable,then it may be thrown out, and here is an example of a group – a jury

another factor is informed consent,if significant issues are not made prominent amongst the jargon, well that does’nt work in medical consent so why should it work elsewhere


Also if laws are specifically written for lawyers and courts isn’t that just discrimination?

and if companies, lawyers and courts can dictate terms of service and laws, so can the public and that’s just being reasonable


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