Star Wars and hype? No just STAR WARS

more hype less value, end of story.

more value,less hype we can proceed…

wherever there is hype there usually is a crappy product

indeed marketing is an indicator of crappyness

good stuff sells itself

abrahams is a fan

it’s an honor

any fan would strive to make an epic star wars film.

if he did it for the money,

the pursuit of money is the average in today’s society,it is common and thus get mediocre results

making money is not memorable, it’s the average it’s a job

abrahams released a trailer,

he is working on the film and has no interest in hype, it’s a distraction from film making

the hype comes from elsewhere

now, word of mouth on the other hand, normally relays value

why see star wars as a brand, franchise or marketing ploy?

to me star wars is a work of art, fantasy imagination limitless possibilities


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