The time is ripe

innovation will replace the mediocre

the time is now


what do I mean by this?

there is a law of nature called the law of diminishing returns

this law essentially states that after a given amount of time spent in refining a topic you will refine it to  a level  were further work on it makes little to no difference,

greed may have reached it’s tipping point

and you will tire of it and move onto new horizons


it’s like having a favourite meal, you may try to eat it every day but soon you will even get sick and tired of it

this happens in cycles

and the big corporations are at that level

they are running out of ideas, why because they have dumbed down people into submission to blindly accept any marketing they throw at them,


this they think its good, but  when people no longer recognise value, there too will be no one, from which new ideas will come, except those that did not play that game in the first place.

but these guys, these game changers will post a new game when the masses tire of the status quo

eg, crappy tv before internet boom, flooded with marketing and poor quality, boom internet


Grace Jones recently noted that current celebrities feel they are unique and individual but she calls them out as clones, as using the same tired generic methods.


Thus  will soon run out of ideas, they are not innovators they are copiers

Whereas innovators adapt



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