Brief Review of Review of the King Vision Video Laryngoscope

“It costs less than most airway courses!”Dr MLC ,

– then i question whether the aim of the airway course is to teach or make money

still close to 4 x more expensive than, the gold standard laryngoscope

until it is proven by time & non biased studies, it’s a toy and especially so if, it doesn’t change outcomes

the blade is too short

seems to be at wrong angle

also distance from handle to blade seems too long, more cumbersome for accuracy

and the guiding part of the blade is also limiting

and this is in a more reasonably priced VL

also see where you guys are actually holding this thing, at the junction of the blade and the handle, this is odd and an unstable position and not logical ergonomically

as for the picture quality in sunlight, it’s mediocre, right in the middle, where you focus, it looks like a laerdel bag but can barely tell

these limitations are obvious even at a distance and i have never held one of these devices, and before you guys hang your hat on this comment

i’ve held the gold standard cheap efficient time-proven laryngoscope plenty,

and it is these basic attritubutes that keep it as the gold standard, you wanna replace it, fine, it’s attributes will need to be improved on

if i could see the epiglottis,  i or anyone with simple practise, could intubate

i hear that’s called epiglottoscopy or some other brand name nowadays,

back in the day was also called common sense which costs… nothing

but thanks for the review, evidence and the insight you provided

gurus expand on an existing body of knowledge, that’s science

ps, sort of hope my airwayjedi expert sees this, so i can see what-

she thinks



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