Re – Marketer “Ad blockers disrupting internet?”

NO Ad blockers block ads

you try to link it with fear, fear of the loss of the internet, but even fear gets boring

no marketers try to, and will fail

they decimated tv, we had good show like mash, happy days cheers seinfeld etc

then the rise of ads and greed,

companies had snake oil salesmen sprouting dreams of bigger profits, people were happy they didn’t need profits

gave cash to them instead of focusing on good tv,

>then pay tv had the decent show

advertisers followed the herd here too
suddenly ludicrous pay tv with ads, you were literally paying to watch ads

stuff that,

rise of the internet, great value freedom huge amount of info, bigger than any marketing strategy

you want to read NY Times cool, go for it,

don’t like obtrusive ads >ad blocker NY times focuses on ads and starts using ad blocker or subscription model,

cool,stuff that, lets see how many hundreds and thousand of
alternatives i have

do i even need the news, lets check out the infinite amount of human experiences available on the net

also why are marketers even here in the first place, the internet costs $2-3 a day

you are trying to push stuff onto people that can entertain themselves with only $2-3 a day, people that spend very little money,lol

but lets say you believe in a product,
lets say you become an expert in this product, based on value,
i will read your your piece and i may be interested
does the product have value… hmm


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