influencers? smiling kids and health

i got an email from linked in

on influencers
suggesting who i should follow
the world could be better in a lot of areas
  • so  define influencers?
Are your influencers leading to significant positive outcomes for society
or just for ……….?
  • are these guys doing their job?
you call yourself an influencer,
outcomes baby outcomes
you call yourself a philanthropist
and show no signs of charity on your personal website,
no this is a philanthropist below
  • the richest guys in the world are giving their money away and helping others, should tell you a few things
got standard
no-reply email
from linked in
  • i got another route
  • i did check out one of the “influencers”
the site he wants me to see
  • with moving images
that subconsciously
                                                           trains the eye,
to constantly refocus,
                                                           and once
he controls were  we focus,
                                                           like i just did
just below he has
another set of moving images
  • where he has multiple acquaintances promoting him
he does the same trick in some lectures constantly moving
i know this “trick” from medicine, with kids,
i call it tracking,
it’s instinctual
and it has a name
it’s significance for me in kids though,
it’s a primal reflex in kids
who can’t communicate as well in other ways
and if they don’t track,
they are quite sick,
  • it’s a very early and important sign a child is ill, needing urgent Rx
and it’s about fixing that part,
to make them healthy
  • ie changing outcomes for the better
but we control what we see too,
once we recognise these tricks
ok i’ll help,
let me see
self help and hypnosis, hmm
  • what about help others?
and for me it’s about,
trying to improve people’s lives and leave something positive 🙂
that’s what a Dr supposed to do
jedi mind tricks?
it’s science
  • it’s called Focus
obviously if i recognise these tricks i may use them myself
to try to seek, find and promote value 
restricting [hype]
maybe adding
maybe like 500px i found it fun
like the airway expert,
what does she do?
who is she?

she heals, teaches and literally puts smiles on kids faces

a positive influence on


and she volunteers to correct cleft palates

i volunteered today,quoting her findings

maybe these youngsters will do same

and writing can be fun too
i had to use these methods
because formatting  was playing up,
couldn’t separate paragraphs properly
and what’s a good outcome
and a good bottom line?
smiling kids and healthy people  🙂

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