$cience no just, Science

Lol Science

we live in a world that values, fake celebrity,money making and conformity,  with very little substance

from this 

to this

see the Vanity part or did you miss that under the guise of transgender equality?

ask a trangender person what they think of this

ask anyone

this person is literally the poster-person for Vanity
eg facebook, donald trump, iProducts whatever

Vanity will simply not produce much good science,it’s self serving and the opposite of science

even your precious global warming has these traits

gimmicky celebrity name, money spinner (taxes movies based on it etc) conformity
it’s a theory

it’s not a given, only time and long term results will prove it, if true and if you use fear to back up your argument, well that’s not science that’s coersion

and what you call scientific concensus i call conformity and that always makes me skeptical

it’s from the greek word σκεψη which actually means to think,

the negative connotation has been added in the english translation

don’t buy into the fear that science is being restricted by lack of funds, stuff the policy makers

science fears nothing why, because it can stand alone and stand the test of time and adds to the whole society

money is not essential to good science, ideas are

the most ground breaking discoveries have been chance occurences and cost bugger all  except thought – gravity penicillin e=mc2

see that middle one they promoting,

it would be a pain in the butt to make,

silly shape very innefficient design and it’s supposed promote efficiency,how about,lol

go research the hype and facts around it

the “says” lasts longer, costs multitudes more, and dimmers blow it really early

the ones next to it, stood the test of time ,cheap, efficient, long lasting

we didn’t need anything else, but profiteers do, and they try make you think you need it

and profiteers try to convert your wants to needs

by making fun of fat people,the disabled, by bullying, with fear and coersion


by promotion and linking to people who would probably

never use their products in a fit

hey didn’t i just do same thing?

yes it’s called bias

and now you know

you don’t need it, you want it

and i don’t

science doesn’t need marketing or huge sums either

scientists do need jobs, they need to be able to have food shelter etc
but thought is free and cannot and must not be at the whims of finance

and indeed less money will force true scientists to be more creative
and from creativity comes science,

science is about overcoming restrictions

science is free

great gif by George RedHawk

innovation, imagination

what the world may need


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