Graphiocratia v doing stuff with the time you got

if you only deal with paperwork, bureaucracy and meetings  all day you are a paper-shuffler and do bugger all

there is a reason most people hate paperwork, they know they are wasting valuable time

and catering to some idiot’s ego

its called graphiocratia, in greek

which means paperwork dictating policy and means getting nothing actually done and greeks avoid it like the plague

it’s a prison and a shackle and prevents you getting anywhere

if you want to get things done,

focus on the relevant people first,

the paperwork at best is a trivial afterthought

likely the most important paperwork you will do all day

and don’t hide behind computer-work as an advancement it’s not,

it’s just digital paperwork,

with hugely added expense,ongoing costs of electricity, maintainence with a dash of login-in delays and a pinch of

digital paperwork is like gold-plated toilet paper

too much of it, will flush money down the toilet & be a pain in the butt

minimise the paperwork to have time to

get things done


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