ceo’s, strategies and other boring stuff

need more ceo’s,
and strategies to become a ceo

there’s not enough ceo’s

insert ceo here

make everyone a ceo already and be done with it

summary ceo ceo ceo ceo ceo

το πολύ το“Κύριε ελέησοντο βαριέται κι ο παπάς

even the priest gets tired of too many hail mary’s

ceo implies leader, it’s not

leaders for me, don’t sit in offices, receiving big paychecks for doing very little, dictating policies without feedback – it’s lazy, silly and a prison


they even rebranded to ceo to seek attention

you got a big paycheck?

if all you have to show for yourself is money, and a ceo title, you are wasting your life, ceo means little, they are a dime a dozen

i get telephone operators calling themselves consultants who can’t answer basic questions

no one respects who you are, if you’re just a ceo,

they respect the money which in itself is a ludacris concept

does he look happy? or.. posessed


you may talk about ceo’s and strategies to get to the top, but define top?

it’s boring lonely at the top, especially if not really doing anything

pick the phallic symbol

and strategy
implies (synonyms): planned, calculated, deliberate
mostly sort of contrived or un-natural

belief and interests on the other hand are part of you

want a leader?


focus on doing/sharing things with people , if you want

capitalists use socialism/contacts/links, to make money and don’t want anyone else to do so unions/universal healthcare/education for all

without people you lead nothing

but with them

we may soar and

have a little fun on the way


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