Will the real Olympic games please stand up?

the olympics traditionally been about the human spirit, competition, striving for success, gracious winning and losing


now it’s a business,the lowest form of humanity,  for old guys to exploit and make money off the youth just like world cup bidding


the olympics ain’t a brand it’s about this

John Stephen Ahkwari



‘Today we have witnessed a young African runner who symbolizes the finest in the human spirit. A performance that gives true dignity to sport – a performance which lifts sports out of the category of grown men playing in games.

a performance that gives meaning to the word courage’



it’s supposed to be a celebration of humanity not the money spinning marketing abomination it’s become


i’m greek, if they fix it up by just making it track and field , you just need one stadium, that’s it,Athens may be the go


actually if it was just track and field

and maybe weight lifting and gymnastics at best you would need 1 outdoor and 1 indoor stadium,

ie, common sports throughout the world & much more affordable to be hosted elsewhere too



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