ceo’s, strategies and other boring stuff

need more ceo’s, and strategies to become a ceo there’s not enough ceo’s make everyone a ceo already and be done with it summary ceo ceo ceo ceo ceo το πολύ το“Κύριε ελέησον” το βαριέται κι ο παπάς even the priest gets tired of too many hail mary’s ceo implies leader, it’s not leaders for […]


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$cience no just, Science

Lol Science we live in a world that values, fake celebrity,money making and conformity,  with very little substance from this  to this see the Vanity part or did you miss that under the guise of transgender equality? ask a trangender person what they think of this ask anyone this person is literally the poster-person for […]

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Pluralistic ignorance v common sense

A wise man would have shared all of his riches to help the kingdom fourish – JUDY Cool School or as greeks say Οπου ακους πολλα κερασια, παρε μικρο καλαθι Wherever you hear a lot of cherries, bring a small basket Skepticism, which actually means … to think it’s negative connotation has been added some […]

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