5 apple blunders that show it’s on the slide


Apple is on the slide, their fundamental quality is hype and that’s never a solid foundation.

It’s like

1-Error 53. This is an update that essentially locks you out of your own phone if you had “un-authorised repairs”.

This is a ludicrous situation is essentially vandalism by update, what they don’t realise or acknowledge is that when you buy something it’s yours or at least that’s the majority feel about most purchases.                                                                                                          error53

2-Apple watch.

More sillyness.

Despite no background in watch making and in an effort to “create new markets” aka greed, they will try to sell you a hugely expensive watch that can’t really function on it’s own and need to be recharged every 18 hrs.

Think about this a watch you have to charge that often, is not innovative it’s a pain in the arse.

Also constantly squinting at the small screen will likely affect your eyesight.   If i tried to sell you a screen that size you would realise it’s stupidity.                                                                                                                                                                                     2014-sep-11-funny-apple-watch-tweet


What would you say if i were to sell you a pencil for $100?


Well tell that to apple because that’s what there are essentially doing.

Look also at their ad,

?familiar and revolutionary , silly and lies, the stylus isn’t new.apple-pencil-page-740x400                                           481627a74162239abeb18f5284dc398c498bb0290076c2be2da7584cc57ed570_1

4- iphone642Sabcdefg. They are selling you the same crap for the last decade. iphone-modelsThey have changed the sizes a bit and now tada a pink phone,lol rose gold.

Apple will go on about their revolutionary iWhatever and it’s the best thing since sliced bread, a year later they tell you need to update and what was revolutionary last season is obsolete.

My windows phone has a quality camera which i post pics on photography sites, about the same as the iphone for about 1/3 of price and it’s pretty slick in functionality.Using apple products is a pain especially the pc’s.

5- iCar/bike/tree/socks/ietciham-apple

My issues with apple are their

lack of value, lack of innovation,


unabashed greed and hype.

These are poor human qualities and indeed frailties,

and with apple’s prominence,

for now,

seem to be filtering into many aspects of society from medicine to supermarkets to basic human interactions.

The world doesn’t need this.


It needs, common sense, innovation, efficiency and honesty.


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