Ioannidis,Lexchin, EBM,Research and infommercials

So i stumbled upon 

why most published research findings are false

I was thinking about it,then recalled

Yep,industry funded research here, not 15% more biased not 50% but a whopping 400% more biased.

Ok, so cool, there’s plenty of independent research ye, hmm maybe.

Ok how much research is industry funded

Two interesting points

1. only 10-20 drugs were being researched in the whole world back then?

2. Again 70% sponsored,close enough to 75%

Now coming to EBM, first heard term evidence based medicine back about 15yrs ago.

My first though was what the heck, they implying our mentors and professors were teaching medicine based on what?  voodoo?

EBM may sound cool and it sells t-shirts

But who dictates the evidence?

If a vast majority of research  is sponsored with a 400% bias

why is this “research” not considered infommercials?



Maybe the evidence should come from scientists and drs instead of sprukers



just a thought


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