simplicity, Dr-Patient.   appropriate time,focus and prioritisation needed time with health the most important commodities in the world what wastes time?and leads to expense? un-needed -excluding unlikely possibilities, patient doesn’t want that that’s treating fear of litigation [find problem,fix problem, nothing left to litigate] -unnecessary tests -computers tailored to IT instead of Drs -over-documentation -insurance […]

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Needs more research

1 i’d like to see the end of the term Evidence Based Medicine.   i don’t want to hear this term dictated to me i want to see the evidence and make up my own mind EBM is gimmicky It’s like saying science based science or indeed SuperMedicine a term a marketer would use It’s either medicine […]

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The art of Medicine & computers

the doctor – patient interaction is the key to good healthcare good patient-dr time and early time to definitive care = crucial timing as in any art anything that distracts from this , limits time, adds costs, is unneccessary   silly computer overuse already does this, adding steps, wastes time, gathering irrelevant data, with massive […]

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