The art of Medicine & computers

the doctor – patient interaction is the key to good healthcare good patient-dr time and early time to definitive care = crucial timing as in any art anything that distracts from this , limits time, adds costs, is unneccessary   silly computer overuse already does this, adding steps, wastes time, gathering irrelevant data, with massive […]


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Positioning & successful intubation

Positioning read this Head-Elevated Patient Positioning Decreases Complications of Emergent Tracheal Intubation in the Ward and Intensive Care Unit. Khandelwal N1, Khorsand S, Mitchell SH, Joffe AM. Positioning important for any potentially difficult procedure, moving fridge,standing on surfboard,lumber punctures,intubation etc Positioning 1st step -> a building is only as strong as it’s foundations   “Overall, at […]

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